Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Patchwork mani + Lippmann Love Shack konadicure

I loved Lippmann Love Shack, but after a few days it started getting chips so I just konadified it so I could wear it for a few days longer. I didn't feel like dealing with acetone. It was too cute - so cute that I couldn't stand it and put Milani Gems over it. And then Poshe. It was so thick, but I loved it so much that I kept it for another day longer. Removal was pretty easy - it was so thick I just popped the whole thing off!

My current manicure - my Christmas/holiday themed patchwork mani. I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Emerald Sparkle, Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear, and China Glaze Party Hearty over the white. I used scotch tape to make the perfect straight lines. It took a while, but totally worth it! So ready for the holidays!

Milani Gems FX Nail Polish - LOVE!!!

I LOVE this nail polish! It is so shiny and fabulous. I took a ton of pics because that's how much I love it. I put it over my Lippmann Love Shack konadicure because I wanted an opaque base for Gems. Gems is a multicolored glitter nail polish in a clear base. It's similar to Lippmann Happy Birthday because of the large hexagonal glitter, but Gems has two different sized hexagonal glitter pieces while HB only has large glitter pieces with smaller square pieces. It looks better over a silver foil color. It looks like the holiday version of HB! Love it!!!

UPDATE: In case you were wondering what the peachy pink color underneath was, it was Deborah Lippmann Love Shack. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Random posts - Chanel Ciel de Nuit, Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams & Deborah Lippmann Today was a Fairytale

Took some pictures of some gorgeous manis I wore recently and just wanted to post them:

I loved this manicure! It was three coats of Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams - which is a supposed dupe of Chanel Riva. I'm way too broke to be getting $27 nail polish, especially when I have a very similar color. After a few days I topped off the manicure with Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale. I loved it! I tried to make it a gradient. It looked like a manicure a mermaid would wear lol. Since TWaF has a very light greyish-blue jelly base, I had to be super careful to not cover all of HD's color. Need to try this with Boom Boom Pow and a probably OPI Time-less is More (inspired by Reese Witherspoon's dress from an awards show a few years ago).

Chanel Ciel de Nuit - yup, the HTF one that I got on ebay for about $50 - I got really lucky! In case you were wonder, the bottle I'm holding is OPI Creme de Menthe (which I have sold sadly, because I just don't give it enough love and it cost me a pretty penny on ebay). The gorgeous little glitter sparkles in the Chanel just don't show through in the picture :( It's a subtle but still noticeably pretty effect indoors.

I never realized how to take good nail polish pictures until I figured out that using the "outdoors" mode with flash on my crappy camera makes taking pictures indoors less of a PITA! That's why the pics are so clear! I probably won't post that often (like I have been doing now), but if I have some awesome manis I will definitely post pics of those!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer's not over yet! Sephora by OPI - IM Beauty

Sephora by OPI IM Beauty is such a pretty yellow color, but has such a painful application =.= It was four coats. It was fine at three, but still a bit sheer and streaky. Four coats evened everything out and a thin coat of Poshe made everything perfect.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Awesome nail art!

My friend was awesome enough (my guy friend) to let me do his nails. The base was Icing Mint 2 Be and my other friend (leahna.deviantart.com) and I used glitter and other nail art stuff to do my friend's manicure. Too bad he took it off right after we did it...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First post! Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pacific Blue

First official post! Sorry for the crappy picture - I will definitely take another one later, but all I had was my friend's Macbook camera in a dimly lit place. My camera has no cord right now because I'm away from home. Anyways, the awesome blue color you see here is called Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. It's from the Xtreme wear collection. I almost never wear blues in this shade, but this cornflower blue creme is like OMG. It's bright, pretty, and a wonderful creme that applies in two coats. I wish I could wear this forever :) This is definitely backup bottle worthy I will definitely be going back to get another bottle of this.