Monday, August 16, 2010

Awesome nail art!

My friend was awesome enough (my guy friend) to let me do his nails. The base was Icing Mint 2 Be and my other friend ( and I used glitter and other nail art stuff to do my friend's manicure. Too bad he took it off right after we did it...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First post! Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pacific Blue

First official post! Sorry for the crappy picture - I will definitely take another one later, but all I had was my friend's Macbook camera in a dimly lit place. My camera has no cord right now because I'm away from home. Anyways, the awesome blue color you see here is called Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. It's from the Xtreme wear collection. I almost never wear blues in this shade, but this cornflower blue creme is like OMG. It's bright, pretty, and a wonderful creme that applies in two coats. I wish I could wear this forever :) This is definitely backup bottle worthy I will definitely be going back to get another bottle of this.