Friday, June 29, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Duckie

This is going to be post 3 of 4 today, I think! So many pictures, not enough blogging!

I have an indie polish to showcase today, Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Duckie. I remember watching Pretty in Pink when I was 15 and loving that era (I'm a 90's baby) that I never got to really live through, except through John Hughes' movies! So glad I get to see it through nail polish now though, with Duckie! It's a gorgeous mint green jelly with corresponding green glitter. I think these are my favorite types of indie polishes, because they have a delicate quality to them that glitter-packed indie polishes don't have, and they are much easier to remove! They are still striking, soft, and complex all at the same time!

Duckie is one of my favorite jelly glitters that I have from custom crafted nail lacquers (trying to get out of the habit of saying indie polishes, because I know some sellers don't like being called that). The gold glitter gives the polish sparkle, but doesn't go overboard. It wasn't hard to distribute the glitter evenly, I just had to shake the bottle a little bit before applying each coat because the glitter would sink to the bottom. It had so much depth to it because the glitter pieces were suspended between each layers, making a natural jelly sandwich. It's best to let each layer dry before adding another so the glitter pieces don't get moved when you add another coat.

I'm amassing a scary amount in a very short time, so prepare for my pics to come soon! I only have one other Nostalgic Nail Lacquer polish, Rio, which I'll showcase soon!

I can't wait to get the other polishes from the Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle collection Nostalgic Nail Lacquer has - the whole collection is made up of glitters in a jelly base (not to mention amazing names! The My So-Called Life ones are calling my name!). You can get them here, but Erin (the creator) is currently sold out of everything. You can get updates from her blog about restocks and how to get her polishes! Happy hunting!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confetti My Favorite Martian Swatch and Review

I remember when my nails were this long and pretty. I haven't really been taking good care of them since studying consumed all my time and energy during the year. The pics were taken last summer.

This is Confetti My Favorite Martian. I absolutely adore this polish! It's a slightly glass-flecky grass green that is a more yellow-leaning. It's not a glass-fleck like China Glaze Strawberry Fields, but has the same quality of shimmer. It's really hard to describe, and my pics don't do it justice. The shimmer changes to blue in some lights, giving it this slightly otherwordly cast. It's such a good polish for the price too, only $2 at CVS! 

Picture of my mani against my bunny Coco's fur! She's so cute!

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke over Verity Deep Violet Birthday Mani

Hi guys! I finished school about a month and a half ago, and started an internship two weeks ago, but I still haven't managed to find time to post til now! When work is really slow, I'm on nail blogs, shopping websites, or MUA lol. I hope work isn't so slow in the future because I don't want my shopping addiction to balloon out of control again!

This manicure is from my birthday, in April! So long ago! I'm wearing Verity Deep Violet with Cult Nails Unicorn  Puke (aka Clairvoyant) over it on all of my fingers except for my thumbs. It's been a tradition for me to use Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on them! I made a jelly sandwich with it, my first try! These pics are about a couple of days after I initially painted my nails, so please forgive the tipwear. I love them! They looked sooo deep and beautiful, full of flakey gorgeousness (is this the correct singular term for flakies? There hasn't been a consensus lol), but it was difficult to capture with my crappy 5 MP camera (Polaroid i533). The flakies would look primarily reddish-orangeish gold, but shifted colors the closer I held it to a light source, shifting to a more greenish-blueish cast. So pretty!