Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Patchwork Mani

I love doing patchwork manis, despite the hour and a half or more it takes to do one. It just looks amazing afterwards, and that's where I get my satisfaction :)

This patchwork mani was done using Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, OPI Pink Me I'm Good, Nicole by OPI Honeydew You Love Me, and Essie Ruby Slippers. I thought about using cremes, but that would not have been eye-catching as glitters. I thought about using ChG Ruby Pumps for the red glitter, but the glitter was not as visible as Ruby Slippers, and the glitter size was too small in RP (I wanted the glitter sizes to be the same in PMIG and the red color).

I love doing themed manicures with a few different colors, so that it's not just red, or just pink, or pink hearts, etc. Just wanted to put out something different, and something pretty that isn't just monochromatic. I have a lot of trouble deciding on just one color, so why not three (or four, if you count the glitter).

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!