Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Butter London Shandy - Office Professionalism

Hi guys! Have you been watching the Olympics? I love watching TV and movies in general, but I put aside all my TV shows and movies during the Olympics and that's basically all I watch lol.

Last week there were a lot of visitors at work and my boss made us dress up more nicely than usual. At the company, you can basically wear jeans and a t-shirt and you're fine because it has a start-up feel. I usually wear just that because I don't care very much about how I look, but the week with visitors necessitated more formal wear, so I upped my game by dressing in pantsuits and white button downs. I also wore more understated, office colors to be more "professional". 

I wore a poorly done American manicure (which I do not have pictures of because it was slightly awful looking, just all wrong for my skin tone), done with OPI Bubble Bath and Orly 50/50, for the first half of the week. For the second half of the week, I wore Butter London Shandy, which is a beautiful nude color for people who are more yellow-toned. It's a beige-nude color that has more yellow in it, so it's more wearable for me than say, OPI Bubble Bath (I should swap that because it looks kind of bad on me and Essie Mademoiselle looks so much better). It has that great Butter London formula, so it went on with three-streak free coats. You can wear it sheer, but I don't like that, so I wore it opaque. It's a great alternative nude color for people with more yellow in their skin. I haven't really seen swatches of it, so here are my pics!

Sorry for the tip-wear on my thumb, I took the pictures after I had on the mani for a few days.

Sorry for the bright neon orange (Essie Bright Tights), but it was easier for me to capture the nude color in the bottle when I'm holding it rather than on my office desk. You'll see these orange pics again in a post coming soon, kind of like a post crossover (like what Private Practice/Gray's Anatomy does lol). 

A picture of the bottle by itself - it's slightly darker that shown (darn the fluorescent lights!)

I hope you guys are excited as I am to watch more Olympics! I'm slightly obsessed with Camille Lacourt. He is all of 6'9" of French deliciousness. I watch the Olympics to scope out beautiful people, and Camille is one lol.  I'll probably keep adding photos of him during posts I make during the Olympics. An incentive to write everyday! Here are some pics that show his spectacular good looks (I'm keeping it PG haha):

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elegant glitter: Sally Hansen White Glitter

How are you guys doing today? I have some free time at work, and I'm staying late since I have a show in the city later, so I thought I'd give my blog a little love lol.

I love white glitter, and really any time of hex glitter that doesn't have bar glitter in it. I love custom made n/p, but a lot of them do contain bar glitter, and it automatically makes me wary. I don't really like it for some reason, unless it adds an extra oomph to the polish (I loooooved OPI Save Me) or Sassy Lacquer Uncle Sam. I don't really buy glitter with bar glitter unless it adds to the beauty and complexity of the polish. With that said, Sally Hansen White Veil was right up my alley, especially since it's so elegant looking. I love glitter, and I think elegant looking glitter is my favorite (stuff with milky bases like Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Duckie). It's white hex glitter with slightly bigger light gold hex pieces. It can definitely be worn on it's own since it's so opaque,  but I haven't tried it yet. 

This is one thick coat over OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, and then I mattified it. Sorry I couldn't get un-mattified pics! It looks cooler matte anyhow ;)

You can probably achieve the same opacity in two thin coats. It was pretty easy to apply for a glitter, and went on pretty evenly too. I didn't like how "cloudy" it looks on some of my nails, a consequence of trying to drag out the glitter from one spot as it was drying.

I don't know the name of this cat, but it sure is cute! It's a neighbor's cat, a very friendly one, who is absolutely adorable! I think it may be a mix between the tiger stripe cat and siamese cat (sorry, I don't know too much about cats and the different looks). I love to play with her, and she's just so frickin' adorable! I managed to snap a pic of her when she was rolling on the ground wanting to be played with, but it was still pretty hard because she's so feisty and wouldn't stand still!

Coco spam, just to balance out all the cat pictures. She's frickin' adorable too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Claire's Lime Yours Review

Hi again! Second post of the day! 

I have for you Claire's Lime Yours. It's a really cool looking polish in the bottle, very neon. I don't classify it as a neon myself because I have high standards for a neon lol. Before I call any polish neon, it has to burn my retinas first! Otherwise it's just bright, or really really bright. Lime Yours is really, really, really bright. For others, it is neon. For me, it is simply BRIGHT!

It's a bright neon green color, unlike the other neon greens I own because it has more yellow in it than the others. It makes it pop more and look cooler! It looks pretty plastic too. I remember Orly had that Plastix collection, of satin/matte colors, but this is totally plastic. It's a weird jelly, plastic kind of color. I had to add a top coat to make it look shiny because it dried kind of satin, since it's so bright.

The application was a PITA. I wanted to hit the bottle, scream at it, and throw it across the room   and smile gleefully as it cried neon green tears as it dripped down the wall. But I restrained myself, because that behavior was not appropriate when watching Antiques Roadshow (three hours of it!!). 

It's a really hard polish to apply, even harder than some glitters I've tried, and glitters can be horrible, with all the dragging. This was worse, because it wouldn't even out, no matter now thick of a coat I put on my nail. It took about three hours (yes, I watched three hours of Antiques Roadshow on Saturday night, in fact I do that every Saturday night. I love it. Don't judge) and four coats to even out. It really didn't completely even out until I put on my Poshe quick dry topcoat (why does every use Seche? Poshe all the way!). THEN it looked fabulous. It was like, BLAM! In your face green. If you use very thin coats, and layer on 5-6 coats, it will still look like VNL crap nail polish from hell. You need to load it up on the horribly thin Claire's brush and just apply. And hope for the best. 

Despite its shortcomings, it photographs beautifully, and very brightly! Definitely eye-catching since it's pretty neon, especially in the shade. Wish the application was better. I'll keep this for now, but it will be a long time when I put this on, probably when "winter is coming" (haha just had to insert a Game of Thrones reference). 

Onto the photos!

Pics of LY in the shade, against the fern-plant things (took these in the parking lot of 24-Hour Fitness). It matches! 

Hope you guys have a great day!

Dandy Nails Come Out and Play Review

Hey guys! I've got some backlogged pictures on my camera, and on my photo file at home, so I'll be posting pretty often in the next couple of days!

Sandy (of Dandy Nails) had a restock and I managed to snag a couple of items, and I had my eye on this one. Shipping was pretty quick and I got my lovelies in my hands and was able to get Dandy Nails Come Out and Play!

Come Out and Play is such a cool looking polish. It is a squishy, neon purple jelly. Well, not quite neon, but it's bright. It's like a slightly darker, more jelly-ish Essie Perky Purple was mixed with lots of white glitter, this would be the result! I wish I wore it longer, but I did so much copying and heavy lifting (boxes) that I broke a nail, and took it off so I could file my nails to make them even :/

Anyways, I was able to get pics of it before I took it off! I highly recommend Dandy Nails, you can get her polishes here. Follow her on Facebook to get updates of her next restock!

This pic, and the other pics that show a red-purple are the most accurate representations of the color. The blue-purple is not the right color! It's definitely a violet color. My camera could not capture the depth or the true, bright color of it, but just try to imagine it much brighter! 

Picture of my nail polish against my bunny Coco's white fur. It's a pretty accurate color portrayal!

Gratuitous pictures of Coco, because I think she is so cute and a minority in the "pictures-of-my-pets" world! And don't worry, that is not a tumor under her chin, just her extra skin because she's getting older lol. I've had her for 6 years, and she already finished growing when I got her!

Isn't she adorable? Have a great day!