Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dandy Nails Come Out and Play Review

Hey guys! I've got some backlogged pictures on my camera, and on my photo file at home, so I'll be posting pretty often in the next couple of days!

Sandy (of Dandy Nails) had a restock and I managed to snag a couple of items, and I had my eye on this one. Shipping was pretty quick and I got my lovelies in my hands and was able to get Dandy Nails Come Out and Play!

Come Out and Play is such a cool looking polish. It is a squishy, neon purple jelly. Well, not quite neon, but it's bright. It's like a slightly darker, more jelly-ish Essie Perky Purple was mixed with lots of white glitter, this would be the result! I wish I wore it longer, but I did so much copying and heavy lifting (boxes) that I broke a nail, and took it off so I could file my nails to make them even :/

Anyways, I was able to get pics of it before I took it off! I highly recommend Dandy Nails, you can get her polishes here. Follow her on Facebook to get updates of her next restock!

This pic, and the other pics that show a red-purple are the most accurate representations of the color. The blue-purple is not the right color! It's definitely a violet color. My camera could not capture the depth or the true, bright color of it, but just try to imagine it much brighter! 

Picture of my nail polish against my bunny Coco's white fur. It's a pretty accurate color portrayal!

Gratuitous pictures of Coco, because I think she is so cute and a minority in the "pictures-of-my-pets" world! And don't worry, that is not a tumor under her chin, just her extra skin because she's getting older lol. I've had her for 6 years, and she already finished growing when I got her!

Isn't she adorable? Have a great day!

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