Thursday, January 10, 2013

Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine + Daring Digits Before Color

Hi again! I am going to try to finish up some of my backlogged posts before I leave the library, my internet at home sucks (it's Clear, pay-as-you-go internet, and my house is far away from the signal tower, so I can't upload pictures at home). I have Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Daring Digits Before Color! 

I looooove wearing colors "out of season". So bright yellow in the middle of winter is definitely up my alley lol! I will probably wear Nicole by OPI Ladies in the Limelight next, I love those kinds of colors when they are unexpected, when everyone else is wearing dark navy blue :) Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine is one of the best yellows I have ever used! I used very little of the 5 mL bottle as well, because the color was so pigmented! It has gorgeous, subtle shimmer but is mostly a creme, and goes on perfectly in 2.5 coats. I could have used just 2 coats if I had applied it more carefully, but I used the extra coat to cover up any bald spots. 2.5 thin coats, I might add, which is pretty much unheard of for me when it comes to applying yellows. 

I remember the last yellow I wore was Daring Digits Pink Lemonade, and this was in the summer (I don't know if I photographed it or not, it's been a while!). I am not a frequent yellow wearer, but I do love it when I wear it ;) Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine is definitely my go-to yellow now! 

I only have Daring Digits Before Color on my thumbs because I did not want to deal with glitter removal and I was kind of in a hurry to do my mani, so the glitter topping would have taken too long to dry had I put it on all of my nails. Before Color has black circles and smaller white hexes. I loooove that combo! I adore big circular glitter, so this one was perfect for me :) You can get Daring Digits' colors at She has great prices and awesome glitter combos!

Super Belated Holiday Patchwork Mani!

I'm back again! I have pictures of my Christmas/holiday patchwork mani I did this year. I didn't want to take it off, but the tipwear was getting on my nerves! I snapped the pictures on day 3 or 4. It lasted a while! I looooove patchwork manicures! They are easy to do (which is why I do them) but tend to be time consuming because I have to wait for things to dry and it usually takes me a few hours because I don't always do them, usually 5 times a year max, and only for holidays (so I can break out the color schemes). 

I did the same color scheme as I have in my previous years of doing the Christmas patchwork mani - red, white and green, with a red and green glitter topped over the white. This year I used Sally Hansen Red Carpet (amazing red glitter in a jelly base, dupe for China Glaze Ruby Pumps), Elianto Racing Green (beautiful foil green with gold glitter), Sally Hansen White On (one of the best whites I have ever used, hands down), and Sephora by OPI Good Tidings We Bling! as the glitter topper. I wish the $OPI didn't have a slightly dark base, because it muddied the white and made it less prominent than I had wanted. Click the pictures to enlarge! 

And please ignore the time stamps, I was night kayaking and capsized, with my camera in my pocket to take night photos. To my surprise it survived and still works fine, but it reset itself and so the time stamp does not match the actual time, and I use the SD slot in my computer to transfer pictures so it can't correct itself :)

Hope everyone had great holidays!

Zoya Gilty 18K Real Gold Top Coat over Cult Nails Coveted

I'm back! For a brief period of time, at least. I'll probably be blogging until the start of school, and then blog then as a form of procrastination/tool to keep me sane lol. Anyways, I have a backlog of pictures of some manis I took and will be posting them soon!

I have Zoya Gilty for you today, the 18K real gold top coat from Zoya, which I bought with the set when the released it the second time, for $35 (they keep increasing the price because gold is a limited commodity, but it still hurts the wallet :/). I purchased the Sephora by OPI one a while ago but didn't like it and returned it because the gold was sooooo sparse that I needed a magnifying glass to see the flakes haha! The Gilty one seems to have the most prominent gold flakes out of all the ones I have seen, and they really shine, no matter the lighting! I got so many compliments on my mani, and everyone was surprised I had real gold on my nails! 

It is definitely a stunner and I highly recommend it for those days when you feel like you want luxury on your nails! I wore it over Cult Nails Coveted (which is absolutely gorgeous with it's green flaked-jelly goodness), and didn't want to take off my mani because I wanted the gold to stay on! 

Sorry for the tipwear, I wanted to wear Coveted alone for a few days but didn't get to snap pictures of it before I layered Gilty over it! Have a great day!