Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zoya Gilty 18K Real Gold Top Coat over Cult Nails Coveted

I'm back! For a brief period of time, at least. I'll probably be blogging until the start of school, and then blog then as a form of procrastination/tool to keep me sane lol. Anyways, I have a backlog of pictures of some manis I took and will be posting them soon!

I have Zoya Gilty for you today, the 18K real gold top coat from Zoya, which I bought with the set when the released it the second time, for $35 (they keep increasing the price because gold is a limited commodity, but it still hurts the wallet :/). I purchased the Sephora by OPI one a while ago but didn't like it and returned it because the gold was sooooo sparse that I needed a magnifying glass to see the flakes haha! The Gilty one seems to have the most prominent gold flakes out of all the ones I have seen, and they really shine, no matter the lighting! I got so many compliments on my mani, and everyone was surprised I had real gold on my nails! 

It is definitely a stunner and I highly recommend it for those days when you feel like you want luxury on your nails! I wore it over Cult Nails Coveted (which is absolutely gorgeous with it's green flaked-jelly goodness), and didn't want to take off my mani because I wanted the gold to stay on! 

Sorry for the tipwear, I wanted to wear Coveted alone for a few days but didn't get to snap pictures of it before I layered Gilty over it! Have a great day!

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