Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Butter London Shandy - Office Professionalism

Hi guys! Have you been watching the Olympics? I love watching TV and movies in general, but I put aside all my TV shows and movies during the Olympics and that's basically all I watch lol.

Last week there were a lot of visitors at work and my boss made us dress up more nicely than usual. At the company, you can basically wear jeans and a t-shirt and you're fine because it has a start-up feel. I usually wear just that because I don't care very much about how I look, but the week with visitors necessitated more formal wear, so I upped my game by dressing in pantsuits and white button downs. I also wore more understated, office colors to be more "professional". 

I wore a poorly done American manicure (which I do not have pictures of because it was slightly awful looking, just all wrong for my skin tone), done with OPI Bubble Bath and Orly 50/50, for the first half of the week. For the second half of the week, I wore Butter London Shandy, which is a beautiful nude color for people who are more yellow-toned. It's a beige-nude color that has more yellow in it, so it's more wearable for me than say, OPI Bubble Bath (I should swap that because it looks kind of bad on me and Essie Mademoiselle looks so much better). It has that great Butter London formula, so it went on with three-streak free coats. You can wear it sheer, but I don't like that, so I wore it opaque. It's a great alternative nude color for people with more yellow in their skin. I haven't really seen swatches of it, so here are my pics!

Sorry for the tip-wear on my thumb, I took the pictures after I had on the mani for a few days.

Sorry for the bright neon orange (Essie Bright Tights), but it was easier for me to capture the nude color in the bottle when I'm holding it rather than on my office desk. You'll see these orange pics again in a post coming soon, kind of like a post crossover (like what Private Practice/Gray's Anatomy does lol). 

A picture of the bottle by itself - it's slightly darker that shown (darn the fluorescent lights!)

I hope you guys are excited as I am to watch more Olympics! I'm slightly obsessed with Camille Lacourt. He is all of 6'9" of French deliciousness. I watch the Olympics to scope out beautiful people, and Camille is one lol.  I'll probably keep adding photos of him during posts I make during the Olympics. An incentive to write everyday! Here are some pics that show his spectacular good looks (I'm keeping it PG haha):

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