Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parissparkles/Paris Sparkles Election Day Swatch and Review, and why I buy custom

I didn't get to finish posting all the swatches I had yesterday because there was a company party that took me away from the computer lol. Anyways, I'm continuing to post my swatches! 

I remember I was on the bandwagon of buying custom-made nail polish before everyone else "discovered" it, so I was able to easily get Lacquistry's colors (in fact, she was one of the first custom-made nail polish artisans I found on Etsy, and luckily managed to get some really amazing colors because they were so readily available!) and Lynnderella's items. I really like supporting people who are trying to make extra money by making beautiful nail polish and selling it, and people have such great ideas for unique nail polish, with care and customer service that huge corporations don't really have the time to do. It's so much harder for me to get the custom-made colors I want sometimes because everyone else wants it too, but I take what I can get, when I get lucky and there are restocks, and I enjoy them when I get them! It's like the joy of finding that VHTF nail polish you've been looking for and lusting after forever, and finally getting it in the mail! 

That's why I love custom made nail polish so much right now. All of my new n/p purchases are pretty much artisan polishes because what OPI and Essie and the other huge n/p companies are rolling out pretty much similar colors to what I have or what other companies have (the Chanel Peridot/Graphite dupes anyone?). Sometimes with artisan polishes, it's a hit or miss, especially if you are buying colors or lines that other people haven't really reviewed before. It's like trying to discover treasure. It's pretty fun, and in the process, I get to see other people's creativity and thought in their work.

Ok, now that the rant is over lol, I have pics and a review for a custom-made nail polish from Parissparkles/Paris Sparkles (not sure which is right? It's like the Fingerpaints/Finger Paints spelling), Election Day! 

In the bottle, it is packed with red and blue hexagonal glitter with holographic glitter as well. It was really pretty in the bottle but didn't have any reviews I could find for it, and it seemed just perfect to wear in time for the California Primary. I wish the base was more translucent because while there was a substantial amount of glitter, the opaque base hid the beautiful sparkles, so from a short distance, it just looks like a white creme. If the base was milkier, more jelly-like, the glitters be more prominent. It just didn't wow me after I put it on, but in the bottle, it has so much promise. It also needs to be shaken up because the glitter sinks to the bottom (this happened with the other two glitter polishes I bought from Parissparkles). I'll try to use some clear polish to make it milkier since I don't have suspension base, but I heard that Parissparkles is reformulating the base to make it more jelly-like (I heard from another blogger, not the creator herself, so it may just be hearsay). 

Though this didn't necessarily live up to my expectations, Parissparkles has a ton of other amazing polishes in her etsy store here. Check her when she gets back from vacation!

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