Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sassy Lacquer July 4th Glitter Patchwork Mani!

I have a new indie seller I love! I recently purchased from Carrie of Sassy Lacquer from her Storenvy front here. I purchased Uncle Sam, Pegasus Jizz (and Plasma...they are the same color, just different names, but more on that later), Chameleon Charge, and Electric Eel.

This is my current mani, to commemorate the 4th of July, America's Birthday, Independence day, etc. I don't think I've ever done a patchwork mani for the 4th of July, otherwise I would have taken pics and put it up on my blog here lol. Anyways, I decided to do one because it's been a year since I've done a patchwork mani, and I had the right colors to do it! I used Orly Lunar Eclipse for the blue, Barry M Red Glitter for the red part, Wet n Wild French White Creme for the white creme, and Sassy Lacquer Uncle Sam for the blue, white and red glitter over the white creme!

Sassy Lacquer Uncle Sam (such a great name for the polish!) has blue, silver, red, and white square glitter, with smaller blue, red and white round glitter, and and blue, red and white bar glitter! It's simply brilliant! It's a pity that the white creme hides makes the white glitter pieces hard to see! I'm wearing it over Hard Candy Envy on my toes (didn't include a pedi pic, but will soon!), and all the glitter is prominent and eye catching! Anyways, here's my festive mani!

Bottle pics to show the amazing amount of glitter in the bottle!

Natural lighting, at the county fair:

My mani matched my Icee cup!

Hope you guys have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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