Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Claire's Lime Yours Review

Hi again! Second post of the day! 

I have for you Claire's Lime Yours. It's a really cool looking polish in the bottle, very neon. I don't classify it as a neon myself because I have high standards for a neon lol. Before I call any polish neon, it has to burn my retinas first! Otherwise it's just bright, or really really bright. Lime Yours is really, really, really bright. For others, it is neon. For me, it is simply BRIGHT!

It's a bright neon green color, unlike the other neon greens I own because it has more yellow in it than the others. It makes it pop more and look cooler! It looks pretty plastic too. I remember Orly had that Plastix collection, of satin/matte colors, but this is totally plastic. It's a weird jelly, plastic kind of color. I had to add a top coat to make it look shiny because it dried kind of satin, since it's so bright.

The application was a PITA. I wanted to hit the bottle, scream at it, and throw it across the room   and smile gleefully as it cried neon green tears as it dripped down the wall. But I restrained myself, because that behavior was not appropriate when watching Antiques Roadshow (three hours of it!!). 

It's a really hard polish to apply, even harder than some glitters I've tried, and glitters can be horrible, with all the dragging. This was worse, because it wouldn't even out, no matter now thick of a coat I put on my nail. It took about three hours (yes, I watched three hours of Antiques Roadshow on Saturday night, in fact I do that every Saturday night. I love it. Don't judge) and four coats to even out. It really didn't completely even out until I put on my Poshe quick dry topcoat (why does every use Seche? Poshe all the way!). THEN it looked fabulous. It was like, BLAM! In your face green. If you use very thin coats, and layer on 5-6 coats, it will still look like VNL crap nail polish from hell. You need to load it up on the horribly thin Claire's brush and just apply. And hope for the best. 

Despite its shortcomings, it photographs beautifully, and very brightly! Definitely eye-catching since it's pretty neon, especially in the shade. Wish the application was better. I'll keep this for now, but it will be a long time when I put this on, probably when "winter is coming" (haha just had to insert a Game of Thrones reference). 

Onto the photos!

Pics of LY in the shade, against the fern-plant things (took these in the parking lot of 24-Hour Fitness). It matches! 

Hope you guys have a great day!

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