Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elegant glitter: Sally Hansen White Glitter

How are you guys doing today? I have some free time at work, and I'm staying late since I have a show in the city later, so I thought I'd give my blog a little love lol.

I love white glitter, and really any time of hex glitter that doesn't have bar glitter in it. I love custom made n/p, but a lot of them do contain bar glitter, and it automatically makes me wary. I don't really like it for some reason, unless it adds an extra oomph to the polish (I loooooved OPI Save Me) or Sassy Lacquer Uncle Sam. I don't really buy glitter with bar glitter unless it adds to the beauty and complexity of the polish. With that said, Sally Hansen White Veil was right up my alley, especially since it's so elegant looking. I love glitter, and I think elegant looking glitter is my favorite (stuff with milky bases like Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Duckie). It's white hex glitter with slightly bigger light gold hex pieces. It can definitely be worn on it's own since it's so opaque,  but I haven't tried it yet. 

This is one thick coat over OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, and then I mattified it. Sorry I couldn't get un-mattified pics! It looks cooler matte anyhow ;)

You can probably achieve the same opacity in two thin coats. It was pretty easy to apply for a glitter, and went on pretty evenly too. I didn't like how "cloudy" it looks on some of my nails, a consequence of trying to drag out the glitter from one spot as it was drying.

I don't know the name of this cat, but it sure is cute! It's a neighbor's cat, a very friendly one, who is absolutely adorable! I think it may be a mix between the tiger stripe cat and siamese cat (sorry, I don't know too much about cats and the different looks). I love to play with her, and she's just so frickin' adorable! I managed to snap a pic of her when she was rolling on the ground wanting to be played with, but it was still pretty hard because she's so feisty and wouldn't stand still!

Coco spam, just to balance out all the cat pictures. She's frickin' adorable too!

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