Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lagging on my NOTDs! Nail Polish Spam!!!

I've been so busy the last few months I neglected my blog! Here are some pretty pictures of my past NOTDs:

Asos Nail Rock Lace Print Designer Nail Wraps in Lace White. I loved the look of this but the not the application or the wear. It lasted about a night (I wore this to prom!) because they kept coming off. I think this is a personal problem for me though, because my nails are so long and curved it was hard to put on the wraps without cutting the sides of them. I know I burned the tips of my fingers a few times using a hair dryer to put them on correctly. Then anything I did would peel, off part of the sticker on the tip and it just became really fickle and annoying. If you have curved nails, STAY AWAY. It's really hard to keep them on unless your nails are pretty flat. The Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish strips work for me because I don't need to use a blow dryer, but these are pretty fickle for me to use. I'll stick with real n/p rather than shell out $14 on for these again. Curved nails and Nail Rock are are NOT friends. These really aren't made to last for more than a night on most people!

This was my birthday mani! Estee Lauder Ultra Violet with Lippmann Happy Birthday on the thumb. I wanted something purple for my b-day but also the traditional HB without the glitter removal, so I compromised with a blackberry manicure. Ultra Violet is so gorgeous! It's a microshimmer/glass fleck dark purple, with red-based undertones. Normally I stay away from red-toned purples but this one is to die for and works for most skintones!

Nicole by OPI Yellow It's Me (holding Mac Entremauve pigment). I love the contrast that they give! I couldn't get the iridescent orange glass fleck to show up in my pictures :( It's one of my favorite yellow polishes! Per usual, the application wasn't the best, but after about 3-4 coats, it evened out and was very pretty.