Monday, August 13, 2012

Essie Bright Tights - A Neon Orange Summer!

Third post of the day, and the last! At least, until I take pictures of my current mani :)

I have for your Essie Bright Tights! It's the perfect neon orange. Like all neons, it needed white underwear, otherwise it was going to be a hot, streaky mess. I almost never wear orange but wow, this is one I'll wear all the time! I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out for the underwear, only 2 coats of that. It's a really, really good formula white nail polish, almost on par with RBL Underwear, with the Prowide-like brush and non-streaky formula. It's about $2-3 too, which is icing on top of the cake. I used to use OPI Alpine Snow, but it just is streaky, and takes 3 opaque coats, and doesn't dry fast enough for me to put on the neon in the time frame I like (within a couple hours of applying the white). 

I wasn't able to get too many pictures of Bright Tights because it was very hard to capture the true neon-ness/brightness of the color. It's so gorgeous, but definitely needs underwear to be opaque and brighter than normal. Whites always boost the brightness of a neon, so always use underwear with neons, unless it can be opaque on its own. 

I love Essie's neons, they are so wonderfully bright and easy to put on (once you put on underwear, of course). They are the best ones I've used. It just sucks I couldn't wear it for more than a few days because neons, with white underwear, chips quickly, so I had to take it off after it kept chipping. No more talking, onto the pictures!

DISCLAIMER: The actual color is much more retina-searing than this!

Since I don't have my normal 30-40 pictures of my manicure (lol), I'm going to add the rest of the pictures I have of Coco that I had on my memory card.

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