Monday, August 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella Swatches and Review

I think today will be another multiple post day! I just don't have the organization and desire to do daily posts and wait to put up posts so it's one a day because that's just not my style. Whenever I do something at home, like clean and fold laundry, I do it all in one stretch, for four hours straight. Other days, I don't fold or clean anything because I just don't feel like it. I like to get things done all at once. I guess I'm a live in a moment kind of gal haha.

I have to give a presentation at work on Wednesday about what I learned during my internship, so writing about nail polish is getting me on a writing roll! Anyways, today I have for you Sinful Colors Cinderella. I'm sure you've seen tons and tons of swatches of it on numerous blogs that expound the wonderful qualities of the beautiful color, and I'm here to add to that litany of praises.

Cinderella is a baby blue color with copper/orange/red/pink glass fleck shimmer. It's absolutely stunning in the sun. Under fluorescent/inside lighting, you mainly see the baby blue but there is a hint of the glass fleck. It's not like the hidden shimmer in Dior polishes where you have to tilt your hand 45 degrees while 2 inches away from the light source to see the shimmer, but rather a secret flash of shimmer, kind of like a dress with a long slit that you don't notice until the person wearing the dress moves. Sooooo pretty.

It sucks I couldn't get too many pics of Cinderella outside, so I had to resort to taking most of the pics at the office. These were taken a couple of days after I first put it on - so there was some tipwear. I'm sure you can find better pictures elsewhere, but here's my review and swatches!

It was a little harder to apply because the formula was a little runny, so I had to do three coats. It was slightly streaky, which made it harder to get totally even, which is why I had to do three coats. Totally worth it though, it's a gorgeous color!

 Do you see the beautiful shimmer? It's so hard to capture with my crappy old camera, but it's there!

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