Monday, August 13, 2012

Lyn B Designs Cacophony Swatches + Review (Pic Heavy!!)

How are you guys doing? I'm getting ready to go back to school in two weeks! It's so crazy that my internship ends the day before I fly back to school! I have a review of Lyn B Design's Cacophony for you today! I saw her designs on Etsy when I was browsing around for new Etsy sellers  (there's always new ones popping up - I just bought 3 from Polish Revolution, who opened her store yesterday!). She has a large inventory for an Etsy seller, so I spent a good hour or two looking lol. I couldn't find too many swatches, so I just went with my gut and bought colors that I knew I'd love, glitters with buildable jelly bases. When I bought from her store, she had a buy 2 get 1 sale, so I had to jump on that!

Cacophony was up my alley because it's 1) blue, 2) full of glitter (hex!!), and 3) is a jelly! I love it so much that I'm still wearing it, and I put it on last Wednesday, and I almost never wear nail polish longer than four days usually. I only have minimal tip wear, which is amazing considering how much I do with my nails. Only one finger, my index finger on my right hand, had a horrible chip, which warranted me to pick it all off and then put on a different Lyn B Designs color - Ragtime Roses (my bonus polish). I've noticed so many American female Olympians who've done really funky and cool patriotic nail designs, so I wanted a red accent finger with Cacophony. Ragtime Roses is the red counterpart of Cacophony, minus the holographic hex glitter and the square glitter (red jelly glitter). Sadly I couldn't get pictures of it before it chipped and I took it off :(

It applied perfectly in 2 thick coats, and I used a third to cover some patches on some fingers. It has beautiful depth, which I tried to capture with my camera in different lighting, in a sunny parking lot, inside with flash, even at the grocery store underneath the bright lights! When not under bright lights, Cacophony looks like it a deep blue jelly with silver hex and square glitter. It's pretty under every lighting!

Enough talking, onto the pics (caution - many, many pictures)!

 Lyn B Design's bottles - really long skinny brush, but it looks super cool and doesn't interfere with the application.

I'm going to miss the Olympics so much! What are you nostalgic for at the end of your summer?

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