Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dior Bond Street Swatch and Review

I'm breaking up my spam posts because it makes it easier for me to archive my pictures and posts, so if you've seen this before, I apologize, but if not, it'll feel new all over again lol!

This is Dior Bond Street. I literally hunted this down after its release in Fall 2010 I believe. It was so difficult to find because it was pretty coveted. I managed to find it after perusing the Dior website for months, after finding NY 57th Street. I'm not sure if Dior has put this in its regular line, but it's a very pretty staple polish. I think I was a bit disappointed when it was darker than I had expected. It's still very special to me because it was one of my long-time lemmings and is one of the dark fall colors I'll reach for often, especially because it has a great dusty look that works perfectly for the cloudy Portland weather in the fall (and all year round), and the secret Dior sparkles only you know are there, like a little secret between you and your mani.

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