Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Neon Rainbow Nail Art

This is my attempt at rainbow nail art. I don't really do it much because it takes me forever whenever I try, and usually doesn't end up as perfect as I wanted it to be. I have no patience for painstakingly painting Spongebob on my nails, leaning over and straining my neck for four hours! I did this time though (it isn't Spongebob however) because it was part of my costume. 

Every year my school has a festival to celebrate the end of classes, and this year the theme was "Genesis". Some people went as the game console Genesis (remember that? So long ago!), and some people dressed up as Abe Lincoln (I didn't understand the connection lol). I dressed up as a rainbow! I had a friend who went as a rain cloud, and we just happened to match together. 

I did my nails with neon colors, using a white base (RBL Underwear) and a bunch of bright, neon colors to represent the rainbow! I can't remember exactly what I used, but I remember using OPI Big Apple Red, Revlon Royal, Color Club Disco Dress, some Essie neons, China Glaze In the Limelight, a neon orange from Color Club. I apologize for the weird stains on my hands, there was a small Holi celebration and I got pigments all over myself!

Pictures using flash:

This is my left hand. I made different patterns on each finger on both hands!

My right hand:

If you were wondering how I did my nails this way, I used a small dish filled with pure acetone, and a very thin nail brush and just dipped and painted, like I would with watercolor. It turned out pretty neat! I even got some compliments from guys who were stunned and mesmerized by how intense and cool looking my nails were!

 The picture below is most true to life to what my mani looked like:

 That's it for now! I'll break up my post so there won't be a ton of pictures to load!

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