Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sassy Lacquer Color-Changing Funky French

I love the Sassy Lacquers colors (found here)! I know a lot of artisan nail polish makers have color-shifting pigments in their colors, but so far I've only tried Carrie's color-shifting polishes, and I love them! 

In this funky french manicure, I used Pegasus Jizz (red orange shift) for the main part of the nail, and Electric Eel (green blue shift) for the tips. It looks so amazing! I used a dark green base for it, Chelsea Psycho Green (it looks black most of the time, so it sufficed). The colors change the closer you hold it to the light. I didn't notice a big change in colors for Electric Eel (it looked like a dark teal/blue shimmer most of the time), but the next time I wear it by itself as a mani, I'll definitely keep my eye out for it to change colors, from blue to green. Pegasus Jizz was amazing, and in natural sunlight, it sparkled and shimmered! In my office, when it was closer to the light, the bronze/red pigments shifted to green/gold, and it was just amazing to stare at when I didn't have any work to do lol :P

I didn't get to take pics of it while outside, so these are pics from the office, taken in my cubicle. Most of the time it looked like bronze/red with green around the edges. It's amazing even under fluorescent lighting! 

With flash (below). You can see the bronze color, and the green on the tips! I didn't get a chance to get outside, natural lighting pictures because the polish chipped fast on me since Psycho Green is older and doesn't have great polish chemistry with me :/

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