Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nicole by OPI Holiday's Glaze and China Glaze Shaken Not Stirred

Third post of the day! I'm having a productive blogging day at work lol. I found a lot of old pics of manis on my flickr, and these pics are just the last of them.

This is Nicole by OPI Holiday's Glaze. It's a pink holo, and it's gorgeous, a linear holo that shines in even low light.



In case you're wondering, I'm holding Chanel Cristalline, a really, really old Chanel color that's similar to Chanel Intermezzo, just with more of a pearly pink finish.



This is China Glaze Shaken Not Stirred. These pics were taken before I knew how to work the macro function on my camera, so I apologize for the really crap pictures. It's a beautiful pink-tinged purple glass-fleck. You really can't see anything clearly, so you'll just have to refer to other bloggers' beautiful pictures of it to really appreciate the beauty of it.

China Glaze Shaken Not Stirred (holding BB Couture Diamond Dust)

I'm holding BB Couture Diamond Dust in the pictures. It's such a pretty topper for nail polish! I rarely layer nail polish, but this is one that I still need to try out!

BB Couture Diamond Dust

BB Couture Diamond Dust

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