Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chanel Mesmerizing Me - Chanel Graphite

Ok, I LOVE Chanel. I ordered all three of the Fall 2011 Chanel colors because I'm weak. The makeup theme of minerals is really hitting it big now, with MAC Semi-Precious and Chanel, and I'm not immune! When I first opened Chanel Graphite, I was astounded. Of course I'd seen Polish Police's to die for swatches, and Temptalia's, and then late night shopping on made me frantic about getting them, and the anticipation built. And then I opened the polish. And then I gasped aloud, because I was not expecting something so special since I had already seen pictures of it.

I held the bottle in different lights. I thought, it looks so much like Chanel Kaleidoscope! But wait! It's not silver, it's gold! Nope, there's green too! Silver and gold and a tinge of green! It's a chameleon polish, with a foily finish, but not really, because the foil particles aren't as refined as Kaleidoscope's. It's "grainy", as if the foil had been condensed into smaller particles that feel like glitter almost but isn't as hard to take off. I've had a few other polishes that have a similar finish, but their names elude me as I'm staring hard into my lovely Chanel manicure. It makes me forget about reality for a moment as I'm blinded by the beauty of it.

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